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Bedbud™ - 3-In-1 Portable Baby Bed

Bedbud™ - 3-In-1 Portable Baby Bed

Bedbud™ - 3-In-1 Portable Baby Bed

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Your on-the-go baby bed

Traveling with a baby can be tough especially when naptime comes and there is no carriage. That’s why we’ve made Bedbud™, the baby bed that can set up everywhere!

It folds and straps just like a backpack to be easily carried anywhere! When your baby gets sleepy you can put it on the ground and vualá, you have a cozy bed at your side.

Our simple innovation will save you from all the inconveniences that babies bring with them when traveling. Bedbud™ will keep your baby in a tranquil slumber no matter where you go!


Why Bedbud™ is for you?

A bed for everywhere- Bedbud™ sets up at will as a convenient changing station or a comfy bed so your toddler can have a place to rest wherever you go.

Makes life a dream- You can take it anywhere with you as it folds like a backpack. Life’s easier when you don’t have to worry where the kid will rest next!

Nap like a champ- Just like a secluded nest, Bedbud is cozy and discrete to create a peaceful setting even in the outdoors!

Bedbud™ is the ultimate choice- Your toddler will always have a cozy place to sleep on your travels so both of you can rest easily!

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