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BlankiBike™ - Dustproof Bike Cover

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The cover every bike needs

BlankiBike™ provides you with safety and convenience when it comes to storing your bike. The combination of polyester and spandex makes it elastic enough to fit bikes of all sizes!

You don’t have to worry about getting the tires dirty as BlankiBike™ keeps the dirt inside. Our cover is a one size fits all keeps its use after you upgrade to bigger and better rides.

The next time you come back with a dirty bike just wrap it up and no mud, dirt or sand will get into your home. BlankiBike™ solves all your storage problems so you can keep your bike always close by!


Why BlankiBike™ is for you?

A fit for all- Elastic from end to end, BlankiBike™ can fit bikes and tires of all sizes! We offer one size because that’s all you need!

Leave no dirt behind- Sand, dirt or mud won’t get into your house when your bike is wrapped. Your home is protected from what’s on your bike’s tires!

Keep it close- When the dirty bike is well covered you can store it wherever you like. Now nothing is stopping you from keeping your bike in the house!

BlankiBike™ is the ultimate choice- A bike wrap is all you need to preserve it from rust and keep your home clean from the dirt it brings.

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