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FreshFred™ - Fruit Storage Container

FreshFred™ - Fruit Storage Container

FreshFred™ - Fruit Storage Container

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The perfect place to store the produce

Do you throw out spoiled fruits and veggies regularly? That’s a problem FreshFred™ takes care of by classifying and keeping the airflow up to a perfect level for weeks of preservation.

The containers don’t waste any space in the fridge and allow for easy separation inside to keep everything sorted. You can open and close the airflow on the top to control the humidity.

The bottom drains quickly so you can wash all the produce inside it. FreshFred™ brings the much-needed order to the fridge and ensures your fruits and veggies stay sorted and preserved from spoiling!


Why FreshFred™ is for you?

Nothing goes to waste- The openings on the sides regulate the airflow and levels of humidity inside to prevent the produce from spoiling.

An organizer like no other- Inside you’ll find not only space but classified compartments to separate the foods from one another with ease.

No wasted space- FreshFred™ utilizes every corner of your fridge to store the maximum amount of fruits and veggies into the minimal amount of space.

Fresh-Fred is the ultimate choice- FreshFred™ fully organizes the produce in the fridge and keeps it fresh, sorted and ready for washing or snacking.

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