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Joures™ - Hair Detangling Brush

Joures™ - Hair Detangling Brush

Joures™ - Hair Detangling Brush

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Detangling your hair doesn’t need to be painful

Joures™ makes a debut to the brushing scene with a sophisticated design meant to detangle in a gentle but efficient way and moving through the thickest of hairs with ease!

Joures™ magic lies in its flexible design, from the body to the bristle Joures™ bends to the proportions of your head and hair to efficiently brush out all imperfections.

You can never have a bad hair day with it because Joures™ moves through any type of hair with ease. Joures™ brings a hair-saving solution to every woman with unruly hair needs!


Why Joures™ is for you?

No more ouchies- When the round tips and boar bristles go along your hair you won’t even feel how Joures detangles your messy situation.

Twice as efficient- With each brush Joures combs a large portion of your hair go get the job done twice as faster than the old brush!

Handles any time- No matter the length or volume or your locks, Joures™ curves move through any hair type like a charm.

Joures™ is the ultimate choice- Joures™ offers you a smooth combing, unlike any other brush! Everything from the bristles to the brush itself bends and flexes to go along your head in the gentlest of ways!

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