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DeepCraw™ - Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush

DeepCraw™ - Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush

DeepCraw™ - Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush

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Nothing can hide from this brush

DeepCraw™ can reach all the hidden spots of your home where no other brush can, to leave every groove and corner shining, clean and pristine! It’s all a kitchen needs to stay spotless.

DeepCraw™'s initiative design allows it to reach the tight spots and corners of windows, furniture and appliances to make the hidden dirty spots easy to reachable and clean.

The cleaning cloth takes care of built-up dirt with just a few wipes, outperforming the other brushes in every way! DeepCraw™ will clean what other brushes can’t even reach!


Why Deepcraw is for you?

Deep corner cleaning- The double brush design goes through grooves and corners to clean out what all the other brushes can’t.

A home without flaws- When every groove, gap and tight spot is reachable you can make your home truly spotless!

A magnet for germs- A few wipes is all it takes for the cloth to absorb all the dirt and stains to leave the surface spotless and shining.

DeepCraw™ is the ultimate choice- Our brush will make the hard to reach areas of your home the easiest to clean!

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