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Siliplast™ - Reusable Food Storage Bags

Siliplast™ - Reusable Food Storage Bags

Siliplast™ - Reusable Food Storage Bags

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The bag that doesn’t harm nature

Siliplast™ is a storage bag that you can use forever! It’s highly resistible plastic can go into the boiling water or freezing ice and still leave the food inside untouched!

The titan sealers hermetically close the insides to prevent spilling of liquids and make sure the food stays well preserved! On top of all, the silicone is roomy and flexible, just like a plastic bag!

Every time you use Siliplast™ instead of a disposable bag you are making nature a favor! The eco-friendliest way to store food is through Siliplast™, your eternal storing solution!


Why Siliplast™ is for you?

Fits it all- Siliplast™is as flexible as durable to satisfy all your storage needs. Liquids and food of various proportions fit easily within it!

Nothing goes to waste- Instead of polluting nature with plastic bags, you can use a better alternative that will never go to waste!

The perfect preserver- Once you seal it no slipping can occur! The food will be preserved in its fresh form for days to come!

Siliplast is the ultimate solution- You won't find a more useful bag for the kitchen than the indestructible, eco-friendly preserver that is Siliplast!

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